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    Megan & Brian Pruitt

    Founders & Owners

    'Date Night In' was created by Megan & Brian Pruitt out of necessity. Keeping up with a 3-year-old & 6-month old as well as balancing full-time jobs did not leave much time for long date nights out on the town, therefore, the ability to find time for each other seemed to be dwindling.


    Determined to keep the love alive, we designed at-home date nights and documented our journey on social media. Instantly, our friends and family asked us where we got our ideas and supplies and the orders started to roll in.


    Date Night In was born and we are here to help invest in your love and take the stress and planning out of date night to create truly memorable experiences. We think out of the box each month to not just provide a "status quo" activity but a date to help you invest in your relationship. We have found our best dates and memories are made when we truly challenge ourselves in a fun way.


    This is more than a business to us, our heart and soul are in each box we send out!


    Liz Kramer

    Chief Operating Officer

    Liz Kramer first met the Pruitts through the local Mom’s Club where she had been a part of the volunteer leadership team. Liz and Megan instantly became friends and confidants, both sharing in the same situation of having a young child and expecting a second, without family being nearby to support.


    Fulfilling the responsibilities of a stay-at- home mother to 3-year-old and 1-year-old daughters lead to a full schedule of cooking, cleaning and play dates. Liz and her husband of 5 years found that they had little to no time for romance in their relationship and were looking for a way to reconnect and rekindle their passion for each other.


    For Liz, Date Night In was not only a means for providing quality time with her husband, it was an opportunity to share her ideas and suggestions on how to sustain a deep and meaningful relationship with your spouse while juggling the hectic responsibilities of parenthood and home.

    Melissa Williams

    Creative Director

    Melissa meeting the Pruitts is quite the story, but we don't want to bore you with the details. Melissa has done some freelance work for Megan over the years but joined the Date Night In team as the Creative Director.


    Melissa is a Military Spouse and is never near family. With two littles and work, quality time spent with her husband of 9 years felt far and few between. Date Night In was a way to connect in a new and creative way, and took the thinking of “what to do” out of the equation.


    Melissa and her family are now in Texas where she works remotely as the Creative for all things Date Night In. She is the woman behind the pretty fonts and bold colors of Date Night In.

    Kyra Daunt

    Community Outreach Director

    Kyra has known the Pruitt¹s for several years, and recently joined the Date Night In team. Kyra is serving as the Community Outreach Director and also spearheads Faith Night In.


    As a former long distance couple, Kyra and Patrick know what it means to make the most out of their date nights. Separated by several states, and sometimes an ocean and a couple countries, Patrick and Kyra dated throughout college and an enlistment. Although they are now married, they still understand the importance and value of a night just for them, and believe that the mission of Date Night In can help busy couples everywhere take some time for their relationship.

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