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Couples Tips with Dr. Sarah Schewitz & Fun Loving Couples

Part 1 of 4

Linda: Hey, this is Linda and Charles with Fun Loving Couples, a global community for committed couples that like to travel, eat well, work out and have fun. Today, we are very happy to have …

Charles: Dr. Schewitz based out of LA, California. She’s been working with couples and individuals since 2008. She’s passionate about inspiring people to dream big and achieve their [impossible 00:21] through improving their life and relationships. She feels like we feel that no one should settle for life or a relationship that is not full of joy, passion and fulfillment. Through her coaching and therapy service, Dr. Schewitz helps her clients make lasting changes that will inspire them to create a life and relationships they love. Her therapeutic approach is direct and supportive. She takes an active role in sessions to ensure clients get the best results possible. Cool stuff, now check this out. Dr. Schewitz is also a contributing expert to Reader’s Digest, CareerBuilder, Refinery29, Bustle, Connect With Life, AskMen, Self, Brain Hackers and more.

Personally, we’ve read through a number of her blogs and, I’ve got to tell you, she’s got a very thought provoking blog library with some cool titles like, “The Biggest Mistake Couples Make After Years of Marriage.” Clearly, we should have talked to you a few years back, but “6 Tips for Traveling with Your Boo.” Let me tell you right now, again, travel, eat well, work out, have fun. You don’t want to have a meltdown halfway around the world, so you want to make sure you get this right. “7 Signs that You and Your Partner Need Couples Therapy,” because sometimes we all need a little outside expert attention. I love this one, “How to Fight Fair With Your Partner, Even When You’re Really Hungry,” an inside tip, make sure your belly is full.

Dr. Schewitz: I think it’s really angry, but make sure your belly is full is one of the tips.

Charles: Did I say something wrong?

Linda: You said hungry, not angry.

Charles: See? See how it works out? That was awesome.

Dr. Schewitz: Yeah, don’t fight hungry. That’s a great tip.

Linda: It’s like going to the grocery store, no I’m just kidding, when you’re hungry.

Charles: Dr. Schewitz, tell us, what is it that you do specifically?

Dr. Schewitz: I help couples enhance their relationships. I provide couples therapy as well as individual therapy. A lot of people come to me just as an individual, but still wanting to work on their relationship and that’s definitely something we do. All my sessions are online, so I can work with people all over the world.

Charles: Nice, you said online. Outstanding.

Linda: That’s really good. Sometimes, we need to work on ourselves first before we can work on our relationship, right?

Dr. Schewitz: A hundred percent yeah and working on yourself really does enhance your relationship, even if that’s not the intention of going into working on yourself.

Linda: Very good.

Charles: I don’t know about that. I think I’m pretty good.

Dr. Schewitz: You’re perfect, we know.

Get to know the Founders of Fun Loving Couples

Charles and Linda were high school sweethearts both coming from the proverbial broken home. But they vowed early on in their relationship to stick it out through thick and thin no matter what.


Almost 30 years later Charles and Linda’s marriage THRIVES having weathered the storms of marriage, kids, businesses, homes, finances, family issues, you get the picture and with their latest venture FLC, they love to speak about those issues that can “get in the way” of marriage and partnerships.


Charles and Linda have created this Global Community for Committed Couples that like to Travel, Eat Well, Workout & Have Fun!


They feel that Fun Loving Couples is for those that want to enhance their relationship with their spouse, significant other, or partner. Fun Loving Couples is for growing stronger together! Having Adventure in your Relationship!



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