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Motherhood Can Be Lonely

...but it doesn't have to be

Motherhood can be lonely. To any non-moms, this may not make a lot of sense. Most of the time moms are in the constant company of multiple children. Moms attend play dates, go to sports practice, dance class, home school co-op classes, Church, parks, and countless other activities a week on a regular basis.

 So how can motherhood be lonely?

Mommy battles have become such a common thing in our society. One mom does too much, while the other doesn’t do enough. In a fight to stay true to who you are, and the values you hold dear and want to instill in your children, you can in fact alienate other moms. The result of these battles? Shallow friendships, and empty conversations.

Motherhood can be lonely.

Days go by so quickly when you’re a mom. You spend hours, home alone, tending to kids with stuffy noses and attitude problems. You’re always needed, over-touched, and overwhelmed on a regular basis. The truth is, you’re never alone, because your kids will follow you into whatever room you escape to.

You don’t get sick days, vacation days, holiday breaks, or nap time.

You battle alone, all day, without reprieve and it’s just your job.

Motherhood can be lonely.

Motherhood can keep you from get-togethers, from holiday functions, and from the only adult interaction you may get in a week. To put your children first, you often put yourself, and your needs last. Motherhood is a job where you can’t be replaced, even if you feel like a failure.

Motherhood can be lonely.

Motherhood can be lonely. Take a few moments, when you can, to invest in yourself. Get up early, stay up late, do what you need to do to make it happen when you need a recharge. Find a friend or family member you can vent to when times get tough, someone who gets it, and hold onto them. Embrace these years, because someday you’ll miss them. Invest in yourself, so you can pour into your children. Motherhood can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sammie Brakebill

"Sisters who are overcommitted, underqualified, and winging it!"

Get to know Sammie

I'm the oldest. Not by much, but by enough! I’m happily married to my husband, Paul, and we have two little girls, Isadora and Evelyn. We also have two cats named Proton and Fitz, and two puppies named Growlithe and Arkanine.

I would list my hobbies, but the reality is I can’t stay focused on one thing for long enough, so that list is pretty long. I tend to obsess over something for a few weeks at a time, and then move on to something else. I love to create, and that should cover most of it!

I love to talk, like, a lot. My name means listener, but really that’s just a cruel irony! I love all things girly: pink, lace, frills, shopping, dressing up, getting my hair and nails done, jewelry, the whole bit. I love to stand out. I’m the person who will wear bright, vintage clothing, and crazy jewelry. I love my house to be full of color, lots of color! Also, I hate spiders.

My husband and I love most things Marvel. We’re addicted to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so much so that we named one of our cats after a character on the show. We also love Dr. Who, so much so that we named our daughter after a character on the show! We still play Pokemon GO!, and love geeky board games like Catan and Seven Wonders.

I also love music, and I love to sing. Old hymns speak to me in ways I can’t explain. I’m also in a Christian rock band with my husband, dad, and my other sister, called Light Up The Darkness. I’m the drummer and lead singer, and I absolutely love being a part of that ministry!

Most importantly, I love Jesus with my whole heart. I do my best to show people Him through my life and actions, and to raise my children to love Him too. I hope that at the end of my life, when people think about who I am, and the legacy I left, that their first thought is Jesus.

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