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New Year's Resolutions for Couples

The season of New Year’s resolutions is upon us. I am all about New Year’s resolutions, and I make a few every year, ranging from health to house organization. This year I am going to make a few resolutions within my marriage, and I will be doing my hardest continuously to keep them throughout this next year. If you are like me and looking for ways to make your marriage stronger in the next year, I thought I would share with you the resolutions I will be making with my spouse in the New Year.

Consistent Date Nights - Being a mom to two toddlers, unfortunately date night with my husband fell to the bottom of the priority list once I had kids. Working on my marriage should be on the top of my list of priorities, not the bottom. Realizing this, I knew I needed to make it a priority in the new year. It is so hard finding a babysitter, then picking a night we don’t have other commitments, then deciding what we want to do and where to go. That is why I am so grateful I found the Date Night In Box! Date Night In Boxes come every single month, and have a new theme every month. The only thing I have to think about is what we eat for dinner, and a custom menu suggestion comes with every box! We don’t need to find a sitter, or spend the kind of money that normally goes along with date nights. We can do a date night at home after the kids are in bed, and everything is already thought out for me. Can’t ask for anything better than that! I am committing myself to at least one date night a month.

Doing Hobbies Together - While I have so many hobbies of my own, and I appreciate having that alone time, I am committing myself to making sure we spend more time together doing the hobbies we both enjoy. We are both very passionate about the Lord and working out, so I am going to make sure we have more workouts as a couple as well as devotional time as a couple. I am committing to two workouts a month together as well as devotional time as a couple together at least once a week.

Working on My Personal Development, Independently - This is a big one for me. I read so many books, for pleasure as well as self development, but they are mostly on ways to be a better person and mom. I have plenty of books on being a better wife that I have started, but I am going to start reading books that are specifically geared toward bettering myself as a wife. I think that self improvement as a couple is important, but personal development on your own is just as important. I am committing myself to reading at least three self development books as a wife this year.

I hope sharing my marriage resolutions for this New Year with you has inspired you and your spouse to make some of your own! I honestly feel like being intentional with your time with your spouse will make you feel closer, and your marriage stronger than ever.

Get to know Kristen!

My name is Kristen, and I live with my husband and two kids in North Dakota! I am a stay at home mom to my three year old daughter and one year old son. I love Jesus, and have a passion for health and wellness. I would love for you to stop by my blog and say “hi!”

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