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Relationships Owe Their Strength to 4 Key Factors

Married 25 years and together 30 years, committed couple and founders of, Charles and Linda Musselwhite say that “maintaining the relationship takes work”. The main factor in keeping the excitement in the relationship is avoiding complacency, they say, and there are lots of ways to maintain the magic. As the global divorce rate continues to hover around 45% on average, it’s more vital than ever that committed couples take the time to keep their relationship fresh.


“After all, we sleep together, eat together, shower together and work together”, say the Musselwhite’s. We do everything together, and couples learn that if they aren’t deliberate and intentional with focusing on adventure in their relationship, the relationship suffers.

We’ve created this list of fundamental factors that can make a true difference in the success of any committed relationship.

Travel Together

Traveling, and all the joy and adversity it brings, is a challenge for anyone. Things can take an unexpected turn at any moment, and whether it’s a good turn or a bad turn, how couples deal with it can say a lot about their personalities – and longevity. Traveling together requires a degree of trust, which is an important ingredient in any relationship. You need to know that your partner is there to help and support you in overcoming any difficult situation you encounter, and to do so without conflict.


Travel also takes couples out of their comfort zones. Your partner’s true colors will surely be revealed when an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation arises. Or, you will get to see them experience pure joy when your adventures take you to transformational places. Either way, it’s an insight that can help couples gain strength for the future. You both will learn to focus on each other and discover how material possessions are less important than just the two of you together. Plus, you will have many stories about crazy adventures to share with your grandchildren some day.

Eat Well Together

There are two ways you and your committed partner can eat well together. Of course, there are always plenty of opportunities to enjoy fine dining for a dinner date or explore new cuisines while you are traveling. You should not let health concerns get in the way of a special treat of a decadent dessert or the triumph of finally getting a table at the new hot restaurant after months on the waiting list.

However, in the long run, good health is what will keep you and your partner together longer. When you take the time to feed both your bodies and souls with good nutrition, you are demonstrating that you care about each other’s overall health. You are taking the time to prepare healthful, tasty foods that you know your partner will enjoy and that will serve his or her body well.

Work Out Together

In the same vein as eating well, exercising together is a great bond-builder for committed couples. When you find an activity that both of you enjoy, it’s an automatic gateway to spending time together and learning more about each other’s strengths (literally). Getting both members of a couple to commit to physical activity can be difficult at times, but if one half of the couple is encouraging and positive, it gets easier over time. Exercising together doesn’t need to be a big production, it can be as simple as getting off the sofa and going for a walk in the neighborhood to get coffee. And yes, it can be more intense like taking a dance class, a boxing class or an IronFit class.


When getting started on this path, ask your partner what types of workout he or she likes to do. If it’s something you can learn to enjoy too, so much the better. If not, you could consider getting a gym membership that allows you to each choose activities you like. Swimming, hiking and running also are good activities for couples to do together, even when they are traveling.

Have Fun Together

In the end, the most important factor in maintaining a relationship is having fun, no matter how you achieve it. Traveling, cooking together and enjoying physical activity together are three great ways to have fun. But you also can seek out smaller joys. You don’t have to travel far from home to find fun new adventures for you and your partner.


Experiencing shared activities not only allows couples to have fun together, it gives them the opportunity to open up to each other with intimate conversations. This level of friendship is vital to strengthening a couple’s bond.

Strong relationships require a deliberate effort by both partners, and traveling together, eating well together, working out together and having fun together are terrific stepping stones to long-lasting coupledom.

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Charles and Linda were high school sweethearts both coming from the proverbial broken home. But they vowed early on in their relationship to stick it out through thick and thin no matter what.