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The Importance of Dreaming Together!

I’m not referring to the dreams you have while sleeping. I’m referring to the dreams of the future that you share together, as a couple. You could also call them aspirations, goals, plans, or even desires.

Over the past 15 years, one of my husband and my favorite things to do is to dream. We think big! We looked at multi-million dollar homes and visualized ourselves there. For a couple of years, when I was struggling emotionally in our marriage, I stopped participating in the dreaming process. I can tell you; this had a big negative effect on our marriage.

The problem with stopping the act of dreaming is your vision shrinks.

Being married to a big dreamer is infectious. A lot of times, my husband just needed a partner to dream with. It is an amazing feeling when the things you dreamt about together, so many years ago, start to come to fruition. Thinking big seems cliche, but when you are married to an entrepreneur, you must bust through all the glass ceilings and think outside the box.

Big actions come from big thoughts...

At any given moment, there’s a lot of life happening around us. It’s far too much to take in all at once, which means we need to consciously choose where we place our attentions — and how we perceive the things that we allow to hold our focus.

This is usually influenced by our mental state. When we’re angry, we’re more apt to find people annoying. When we’re hurt, people can seem insensitive. And when we’re happy, it’s like suddenly, the world seems like a kind and beautiful place.

But there is another way to go about it- we can instead create our moods by consciously choosing to see the good around us. It’s always there. It’s just a matter of whether we’re willing to look and see it.

Here is a guide to becoming dream partners by Simple Marriage.

  •  Become dream partners – take the time to bounce ideas off each other.
  •  Make sure they line up with your common values – this will cement in your resolve to attain them.
  •  Be supportive of each other’s dreams – no dream is too big or too small, practical or absurd.
  •  Go to an inspirational place – get outside, go to a park, or even some place with a vista.
  •  Make your dream strong and vivid – it must engage you both at your core, and get your emotions stirring.
  •  Write down your dreams and then put them up in a visible place, where you can see them every day.
  •  Think about them daily – make sure your daily activities are in line with actually living your dream!

Dreaming together as a couple (and even as a family) is powerful. It’s important to note that this dreaming process only works when it’s carried out through daily action.

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To dream is the start. To live the dream is the payoff.